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Immunization is an essential part of children’s medical care and has eradicated or nearly eliminated many devastating childhood diseases, with more forms of protection still being added to the menu. Based on advice from the Kenya Paediatric Association and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), U.S.A., Muthaiga Pediatrics follows this vaccination schedule.

If you come from or plan to move to another country, this immunization schedule may not precisely match recommendations in the place of your new assignment or in your home country. The doctors and nurses at Muthaiga Pediatrics are happy to discuss your individual situation and agree with you on an appropriate vaccination schedule for your child.

Vaccination Days

please book for vaccinations on these days

Muthaiga Pediatrics organizes dedicated vaccination periods each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at certain times during our normal office hours. We strongly encourage parents to book for vaccinations during these sessions to reduce waiting times. If this is not possible, immunizations are available during all clinic sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns about vaccinations, the CDC website provides excellent information on immunizations.