Who is a Pediatrician?

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Who is a Pediatrician

Who is a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors with specialized training in managing and facilitating children’s health. Children respond differently than adults to illness, injury and medication and need a different approach to treatment. Because their bodies and brains don’t fully mature until age 21 or so, your pediatrician will regularly monitor your child’s development.

The doctor will be checking whether each child is meeting crucial milestones (such as sitting, walking, talking and more) within the usual time frames and that all systems are functioning normally.

If not, targeted intervention recommended by your pediatrician at the correct time can make a crucial difference to your child’s long-term health. The same goes for detection of ADHD, autism and other social-developmental issues, for which your general pediatrician may refer to a specialist.

Because pediatricians deal only with children’s health, choosing one you feel comfortable with and consulting regularly will help to ensure that each child in your family receives the most appropriate care—and grows up to be everything that she or he can be.

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