About Our Clinic

Since 1998 Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital – Executive Clinic (Formerly Muthaiga Pediatrics) has provided quality medical care to children in Nairobi. We have also attended to many from throughout the East African region in need of specialized attention for severe illness, tropical diseases, trauma and other emergencies. The clinic is located at Doctor’s Plaza Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital.

Our carefully selected staff are all committed to our founding physician’s vision of friendly, personalized care and will work with you to ensure that your child’s individual medical needs are efficiently and expertly met. Ultimately, our goal is to help your children meet their full potential while empowering parents with the skills to meet the medical and developmental challenges of raising a happy, healthy family.

Our values:

  • Comprehensive specialist pediatric care
  • Consistent consultant pediatricians
  • Specialized pediatric nurses
  • Only by appointment (zero waiting time)
  • Secure, private, child friendly environment
  • One – stop service ( consultation, diagnostics,
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary preventive care
  • Adequate consultation time
  • Adequate follow-up care


Our services include:

  1. Executive wellness and primary preventive care
    including vaccinations.
  2. Executive secondary prevention including early
    detection and intervention/treatment to prevent
    disease progression, and annual medical checks.
  3. Executive pediatric outpatient care by dedicated
    and consistent consultant pediatricians and
    multidisciplinary team with specialized training
    and experience in pediatric care.
  4. Executive tertiary prevention focused on
    empowering children with chronic illnesses to
    lead normal lives and achieve their full potential
    while preventing complications. This is done
    through over 20 established pediatric specialties.
  5. Executive dental care for children, teens, and
    adults provided by highly skilled, and experienced
    dentists and orthodontists.
  6. Executive care for teens providing comprehensive
    preventive, curative, counselling, and rehabilitation
    services to teens and young adults up to age of 21
  7. Teleconsultation for minor illnesses or when
    the need arises to consult with the pediatrician
    without an actual visit to the hospital.
  8. Executive pediatric inpatient service for medical
    and surgical care.
  9. Executive specialist pediatric surgical care for
    patients that may require surgical interventions.
  10. Emergency pediatric care provided by pediatric
    specialists internationally certified in critical care.
    Emergency care is provided at all the hospital’s
    emergency units in all the branches.

By choosing the service you get:

  1. Excellent Visit Experience: Enjoy an excellent hospital visit with zero waiting time, adequate consultation time, comfortable and secure environment, refreshments, and child/family friendly process.
  2. Personalized care: Care is provided through a highly personalized process by a dedicated team of experienced consultant pediatricians supported by a highly skilled and friendly clinical team.
  3. One stop service: The service integrates preventive care (including vaccination), outpatient doctors’ consultation, laboratory, pharmacy services all in one friendly and private patient care area without the need for the patient or family to move. Moreover radiology, dental, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and over 20 pediatric subspecialist care are available within the same campus.

It’s important to us that parents and children are both comfortable and confident in our care. Toward this end, our spacious, well-equipped lounge ensures a pleasant visit to our offices, and our procedures have been designed so that you do as little waiting for your child’s doctor as possible. Our pediatric nurses have been trained to answer common medical and child-rearing questions in person or by phone. All members of staff strive to build an open, caring relationship with you and your child, with the goal of providing the best possible care.

A visit to the doctor can be fun!

Let's break some myths and help children get comfortable with doctors.