Telephone Advice

Calls During Office Hours

Parents are encouraged to call during normal office hours with routine questions. The office staff are trained to answer billing enquiries and most other non-medical questions.

Many common questions that parents have about their children are addressed during well-child visits. We understand that questions may arise in between these visits, and our website’s Health Resources center addresses many of the most commonly asked questions.

If you still have questions after consulting our website, please contact our office. Our experienced nurses are available to discuss your concerns with you over the phone and, if you would like, will consult your doctor. Many concerns are not easily answered with a phone call, however, and you may be asked to make an appointment.

Messages & Returning Calls

When leaving telephone messages, please keep in mind that during office hours the pediatrician may not be able to return your call for non-urgent questions until patients in the office have been seen. If you need answers from your child’s doctor for specific medical questions or problems, please be sure to let the staff know if your situation is an emergency and requires an immediate call back.

Incase of an emergency…

If you feel your child is sick, please schedule an appointment to be seen. If the doctor tells you to come in, please advise our front desk so that the receptionist can give you the best time available.
In case of after-hours emergency, contact our On-Call Service