After-Hours Support

Emergency Procedures and On-Call Policy

Children, as every parent knows, don’t always get sick during office hours. That’s why Muthaiga Pediatrics has you covered 24/7 with our after-hours emergency on-call service. The numbers for this service, which you may want to save on your cell phone, are +254 722 519 863 and +254 733 668 517.

When our office is closed and you have an urgent issue that can’t wait until morning, give us a call on one of the emergency numbers. The pediatrician on call will advise you about treatment of your child’s symptoms and help you decide whether your child needs medical care right away. If the situation is urgent, the doctor may refer you to the nearest hospital emergency department or arrange to meet you and your child in the clinic.

If your child is experiencing a life-threatening emergency (severe bleeding, loss of consciousness, a seizure, etc.), please call an ambulance or take your child immediately to Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital or the nearest hospital. Please also call the clinic emergency telephone number to inform the on-call doctor that you are on the way to the hospital.

Keeping a doctor on call is part of the service we offer to ensure that your child receives quality care at all times. Please DO NOT leave a cell/SMS message or an SMS message in an emergency but instead ensure that you use the emergency numbers to speak with a paediatrician.

Emergency on-call service

Muthaiga Pediatrics’ emergency on-call service is available only to our established patients. At present, there is no charge for the service.

Please remember, however, that routine questions about minor illnesses, medications or appointments should be directed to the office staff during Nairobi Paediatrics’ regular hours on our regular telephone numbers.