Well Child Visit

The Importance of Developmental Visits

As a parent, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to ensure your child is healthy?

One simple but very important way to do this is to follow your doctor’s recommended schedule of developmental or “milestone” checkups. These well-child visits help pediatricians detect or prevent illnesses and problems early, preferably before any symptoms emerge. And early detection gives your child the best chance of full recovery and optimum health.

Muthaiga Pediatrics performs well-baby checks and will assess your child’s development at every important stage from birth through age 18. We follow the checkup schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which takes into account children’s vaccination timings. Our schedule of well-child visits is available for you to print for your records.

Pre-Visit Screening with CHADIS
The clinic’s online partnership with CHADIS helps us to thoroughly investigate your child’s development and screen for many common and rare conditions. We ask that you report your child’s and family’s medical history and any problems or concerns using the online CHADIS questionnaires before every well-child visit. Giving us data essential for detecting autism, ADHD and other more routine problems before you see the doctor means you’ll have more time for questions and discussion during your child’s appointment.

What To Expect During a Well-Child Visit

  • Physical exam
  • Assessment of growth and development.
  • Developmental screenings, if needed.
  • Medical tests (hearing, vision, hemoglobin, etc.), according to age and need.
  • Vaccinations (according to age and, in some cases, individual preference).
  • Discussion of developmental and health issues: nutrition, behavior, safety, fitness, school, family life, peer relationships and other relevant topics.
  • Time to ask the paediatrician questions.