What does a pediatrician do?

Well-Child Visits

The cornerstone of child care

Muthaiga Pediatrics performs well-baby checks and will assess your child’s development at every important stage from birth through age 18. We follow the checkup schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which takes into account children’s vaccination timings.

Sick Children

From babies to adolescents

Even though it’s perfectly normal to get sick, a cold can be extremely uncomfortable and distressing for little ones, especially babies, and may require a pediatrician’s attention. You will also want to schedule an appointment to see the doctor if your older child or teenager has a sickness that seems to be more than a slight cold, to rule out the possibility of more serious illness.

Antenatal & Newborns

Before Your Baby Arrives

Preparing for the birth of a baby is such a busy and exciting time for first-time parents that it’s easy to overlook one important step: Aside from prenatal classes, OB-GYN checkups and kitting out the nursery, you’ll also want to locate a paediatrician experienced with newborns that you’d like to work with to monitor and maintain your child’s health.


Let's schedule!

If you come from or plan to move to another country, this immunization schedule may not precisely match recommendations in the place of your new assignment or in your home country. The doctors and nurses at Muthaiga Pediatrics are happy to discuss your individual situation and agree with you on an appropriate vaccination schedule for your child.

Telephone Advice

Telephone Advice Calls During Office Hours

When leaving telephone messages, please keep in mind that during office hours the pediatrician may not be able to return your call for non-urgent questions until patients in the office have been seen. If you need answers from your child’s doctor for specific medical questions or problems, please be sure to let the staff know if your situation is an emergency and requires an immediate call back.

After-Hours Support

Emergency Procedures and On-Call Policy

When our office is closed and you have an urgent issue that can’t wait until morning, give us a call on one of the emergency numbers. The pediatrician on call will advise you about treatment of your child’s symptoms and help you decide whether your child needs medical care right away. If the situation is urgent, the doctor may refer you to the nearest hospital emergency department or arrange to meet you and your child in the clinic.