Antenatal & Newborns

Before Your Baby Arrives

Preparing for the birth of a baby is such a busy and exciting time for first-time parents that it’s easy to overlook one important step: Aside from prenatal classes, OB-GYN checkups and kitting out the nursery, you’ll also want to locate a paediatrician experienced with newborns that you’d like to work with to monitor and maintain your child’s health.

Even if all is well, your baby will need specialized care as soon as the umbilical cord is cut. Many parents choose to have their chosen pediatrician receive the baby in hospital at birth; this enables the doctor to perform several physical examinations, review lab work, and monitor the baby’s weight and jaundice level, among other things. This will ensure that your newborn is healthy from the start.

Early in the third trimester is a good time to book a prenatal consultation with Nairobi Paediatrics. There is no charge for an antenatal visit, and prenatal consultation is not required in order for your child to become our patient. A visit before your baby’s birth will enable you to meet Dr. Nesbitt and the Muthaiga Pediatrics team and get acquainted with our support staff and facilities.

Your antenatal consultation also gives us a chance to address your concerns about parenting styles, your birthing plan, in-hospital tests and procedures, immunizations and our schedule of newborn checkups. Exploring these concerns with the paediatrician will help you determine whether our practice is a good fit for your family.

Next steps…

Once you’ve selected Muthaiga Pediatrics for your child, please give us a call or send an email to inform our receptionist. We will then contact your OB-GYN to coordinate in-hospital care if you plan to deliver at Aga Khan University Hospital. (If you are delivering elsewhere, we encourage you to schedule an appointment in our office within three days of your discharge from the hospital.) Either way, you’ll be prepared for your newborn’s smooth transition from hospital to home to regularly scheduled well-baby visits.